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KOS.COM - export-import company
  • Export/Import vehicles and parts from Japan and USA to all over the world
  • Customs clearance of goods
  • Shipping of goods, consolidation and freight forwarding
  • Cars and motorcycles auctions diller in Japan and USA



  • PRICE FOB JAPAN consist of:

    • +80000 JPY=PRICE FOB JAPAN .

    Price is actual for non accident car(can move without difficulties),  truck less than 5 meters, not low and high. Shipment is from the closest port to the auction.

    If the shipment port is Otaru(Hokkaido) or south port Hakata additional costs will be added to the bill.(additional transport and forwarding port charges).

    Approximate FOB OTARU   + 90-100.000 JPY to auction price

    Shipment can be organized to any country and any port. If you have any questions - please contact us via e-mail or phone:

    skype: KASSAV2006

      Tel.: +81 (134) 64-1556; +7 (423) 2 612-496;  


        You can check on-line access to the motorcycle auctions  I-MOTO andBDS(russian version)  with full statistics of sales and cost calculator for purchase.

        Web page offers:

         1) On-line access to the motorcycle auctions in Japan AUCNET and BDS;

        2) Access to the auction statistics of motorcycle sales on AUCNET and BDS;

        3) information about auctions,help with translations of auction sheet. 

        4) Frame number search! Opportunity to check the condition of the bike before purchase.

        How to calculate costs on motorcycle:

        Price FOB Japan from auctions   AUCNET, BDS and YAHOO is calculated as:
        AUCTION PRICE+70.000 JPY = Price FOB Japan.

        • If you have any questions we will answer with pleasure. Please contact us:

        • Tel.: +81 (134) 64-1556; +7 (423) 2 612-496; 
        • How to calculate price of goods from YAHOO JAPAN:

      AUCTION PRICE+15%+500JPY bank transfer+ delivery cost to our yard(within Japan)=FOB JAPAN

      Can send goods to any country! Please contact us!

      Auto and moto vehicles from USA.

      In USA we participate in the auctions: MANHEIM, NPA, EBAY, COPART, work with other auctions and dealers in USA.  If you have questions about supplies from America please contact us!

      ABOUT FREIGHT COST and shipment prices PLEASE CONTACT US